Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Breaking rock under grey clouds

Threatening grey clouds this morning, but fortunately no rain. However it was so cool on the beach that there were no requests for "swim o'clock".
We fished out a lot of "Prep Rock" rock from the pond where we store it overnight. This rock didn't have too many fossils in it, and we were glad when it had all been processed.
Of course, we were assuming that the new rock would be more prolific!
Dave led the intrepid hole crew (of Sue and Holden), working Bridge East.
Sledges were slung, and after a slow start, some very large chunks of rock were extracted.
No bones long enough for orientation measurements were extracted, but we did find a very pretty vertebra.
Dave swings a sledge
The hole crew

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  1. Hey, good to see you are all still busy finding fossils! I can still spot quite a few familiar faces in the group pictures...
    Hope you'll find lots of mammal jaws this year!

    I've turned to the slightly less exciting geology of iron ore in WA, and there's no beach for swim o' clock anywhere near the place...

    A big hello to everyone who remembers me!