Monday, 9 March 2009


Here are some feet from this field season. I'll buy fancy coffee (delivered on-site next season) for the first person to correctly identify to whom they all belong! Hint: All photos were taken on February 2nd.

A. Drilling:
B. Digging:
C. Hammering in the plug:


  1. Alanna has correctly identified 6 out of 7 via text message (close but not a winner!)

  2. John W has also got 6/7 via FB email (interestingly enough, the same 6/7 that Alanna got). It seems that the black legs are the $million question!

  3. OK here goes. I'm not much of a legs man really, but;
    1 Darren & Gerry
    2 Andrew Dave Wendy T
    3 John W & Nick

    Any chocolates?

  4. Gosh! That's 3 out of 7! I think maybe you owe me chocolates with that effort!