Thursday, 2 December 2010

Otway Trip Day 1 - Dave's team

The team setting out
Mary and Dave check out some nodules
Dave and Tim trek across the rocks
Dave and Mary up close on a conglomerate layer
Dean checks out a cliff
Mary and Tim forge on ahead
Mary and Tim disappear into the mist
Tim the intrepid
Mary looking...
Tim trekking
Mary deciding where to look next
Dean looks at the rock platform
Tim decides some height may help
Dave gets close to a wave
Dave treking
Dave and Tim in the distance
Everybody looking
Dean checks out some nice formations
Dave leans forward with his big pack
Photographing our fossil
The toe bone
Dave chips out the toe bone
Tim records the GPS
Tim records the GPS
The waves crash
Tim sits down to make more notes
Dean looks closely

Checking the GPS instructions
Tim checks the GPS instructions
Dean on some damp rocks
Dave chips and Tim points
Tim ready for action

Dave chips away

The diggers after the downpour
The diggers not smiling much

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