Friday, 17 February 2012


Dreaming Dinosaurs
Roamed Cretaceous Riversides
Now we dig them up
- MA

Dinos lived and died
Fossils buried in the rocks
Searching with hammers
- WW

Abandoned railways
Shed their spikes which now become
Shiny raptor claws
- MA


  1. Gondwana stream-bed
    Yielding precious ancient life
    Shit. The other half?

    - RL

  2. Ant under Wendy
    Watch out it might bite her
    Do we hammer it?
    - the crew

    Belt Rock with hammer
    Hopefully I'll find some bone
    And no blood blisters
    - AS

    Mary is not here
    Shopping must be done today
    If we eat tonight
    - WW

    John was mean to Dean
    He cut him off at the knees
    Dean is now shorter
    - the crew