Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Free Range Science tours of our site

Paul, Dave and Rohan
Last weekend, the Free Range Science team led by Dr Paul Willis (of Catalyst fame) came to visit the Dinosaur Dreaming site.  They organised tours every hour that the tide permitted so we ended up with about 200 people learning about Victorian Dinosaurs.
It was a bit cold and wet on Saturday, so it was particularly impressive that so many smiling but shivering visitors made the trek. Sunday the weather was far more kind.
The erratics searches (where children and parents examine rocks loose on the beach for signs of fossils) were very popular. Not a lot of dinosaurs were found, but one visitor found a lovely plant fossil (and these plants were, of course, dinosaur food). 
The Free Range Scientists ran a fun quiz on Saturday afternoon, and dig crew teams (Flat Rock Femmes and Living Fossils) took out both first and second prize (third prize, impressively, went to a team called Pleiades with only one member).

Paul, the crowd (and MuiMui)
Rohan explaining our dinos
Hala, Mary, Wendy and mascot MuiMui
Free Range Science is a partnership between RIAus and the Victorian government to bring live science events to regional Victoria, and Dr Paul Willis is a palaeontologist (his thesis was on fossil crocs) so hopefully we'll see them back again some time soon.

Wendy and the "Noddy Board"

Flat Rock Femmes

Living Fossils
Tooth found by Mike last week

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