Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week 1 Bones of the Day

Sat 2 Feb Nicole's ornithopod tooth
Sun 3 Feb John's tiny skully fragment
Mon 4 Feb The hole team's (Darren, Andrew and Bronnie) 3 bones
Tue 5 Feb The hole team's (Norman, Rohan and Sue John, Eve and Kim) ornithopod pubis
Wed 6 Feb John's pterosaur tooth
Thu 7 Feb Bronnie's limb, turtle vertebra and pterosaur tooth
Fri 8 Feb Eve's tiny little something


  1. I probably should just claim this, but Norman, Sue and I were the main hole team on Friday, not Tuesday. We found a bunch of relatively nice stuff, but not the pubis.

  2. Really? I wonder who did find it then. I'll ask this week's crew. It's very beautiful.

    1. It was us! Prep team John, Kim and Eve. Yay for the pubis!