Friday, 25 April 2014

Filming at Eagle's Nest April 16th

A small group of Dinosaur Dreamers took part in the filming of an episode of "Coast" at Eagle's Nest, near Inverloch on Wednesday April 16th. The weather was perfect and Mike Cleeland topped it off by finding a fossil bone in the shore platform close to where the filming took place.
Dr Tom Rich and Dr. Tim Flannery discussed the discovery of Australia's first dinosaur bone at Eagle's Nest and Tim's student days when he, Rob Glenie and John Long re-discovered the site in the late 1970s.
left: Film crew and volunteers
arriving at Eagle's Nest.

right: Tom and Tim discussing
the history of the area.

left: volunteers breaking rock in the

right: Kim Davis, one of the rock breakers

Left: Jeorg found a bone that was so badly
weathered it wasn't worth keeping. Sorry,

Right: John Wilkins, winner of "Fashions in
the Field" with his stylish helmet.
Fashionable and functional.

Left: Wendy Turner looking
disappointed because her tiny
endless shaft was rejected.

Right: Tom and Tim chatting between takes


Left: Mike and Tim examine the fossil bone
that Mike found not far from where the
filming was taking place.

Left: Mike prepares to cut out the fossil bone, while
Tim looks on.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flat Rocks video

Steve Pritchard has posted a video of us at Inverloch during Friends' weekend (and a quick flash of the Otways) on YouTube.  Check it out at

Monday, 24 March 2014

Friends' Day pics

Pip waits for young artists to arrive
Wendy drums up business for Fotini's geology tour
Peggy spots a fossil
A young artist at work
Peggy with a budding palaeontologist
A green carnivore
A beautiful Brachiosaur
A colourful carnivore

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Retrieving the cliff fall rock

John and Joerg clear a path
Lisa, Joerg and Nova tipping the
cliff fall rock onto the "rock rock"
Lesley and John check the cliff face
Hannah splits a large rock
Alan and John place a rock on a tarp
Alan and John drag the rock away from the cliff

Making Friends' Day signs

Bronnie and Wendy creating
Bronnie shows off her sign
Wendy shows off her sign
Nova shows off her sign
Hannah shows off her sign
Joerg shows off his sign
Wendy shows off her sign
Amber shows off her sign
Monique shows off her sign

Yesterday Lunchtime - Flying a disc at Flat Rocks

An overthrow...
Nova throws the Flying Disc
Hannah throws the Flying Disc
It was a bit tricky in the wind...
John contemplates the Flying Disc in a large puddle

Today's fossil finds

John finds an ornithopod tooth
Monique finds her first fossil!
Doris finds a fossil
Asti finds a fossil
Wendy shows Lesley a fossil
Mary finds a theropod tooth
Mary's theropod tooth
Nalani finds a fossil