Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Winton sauropod trackway opening

 A few Dino Dreamers headed up to Australian Age of Dinosaurs last weekend to celebrate the grand opening of The March of the Titanosaurs.

Waiting for the day to begin was difficult - we could see the trackway building and some giant sauropods tantalisingly out of reach...

Selfie by Amber

After a few words from David Elliot and some government supporters, we headed off to see the trackway. 

We stopped to check out the little dinosaur sculptures on the way in.

And then there were the trackways. Wow.

Selfie by Amber
We had to pause and check out that view.

Nighttime brought some different views

Disco dinosaurs

The next morning, AAOD was kind enough to let us sneak back in to visit the sauropods.
Selfie by Amber

Lisa peeking out

Sauropods imprinting on Steve


We had another look at the little dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are huggable

Lisa making friends with the ankylosaur

And one last peek at those trackways!
Photo by Lisa

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Koonwarra Rock at Fish Creek (Sunday 25th)

 Due to inclement weather, we decided to process some Koonwarra rock at Fish Creek instead of sampling the Bass Coast.

Nicole with her first find
Fotini finds a fossil
Doris with her fossil find
Kim shows off a fossil

Alan with his fossil

Wendy finds a plant

A cool plant found be Wendy

Our fossil haul around lunchtime

Lovely plant

Fish scales


Another lovely plant

Dean's weird fish

Wendy's big plant

Nicole's insect

Melissa's insect

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Swim O'clock Offshore (Sun Mar 21) - photos by Dean


The crew spaced out on the beach
Setting up
What a view!
Mary on her rock

Ankylosaur Point (Sat 20 March)

View from site
Nick, Alison and John clean rocks

Partial Lungfish tooth found by Alan
Interesting fossil found by Lesley
Lesley with her fossil find
Melissa searching the rock that John washed
Melissa searching the cliff
Melissa and Lesley discuss tactics

Melissa, Mary and John
Alison finds a good sitting rock
Miklos finds a probable turtle limb

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Noddyland redux (day 2)

Crew at work (photo by Fotini)
Melissa finds a great curly fossil
Melissa's curly fossil
An interesting tiny fossil
Hollow shaft