Monday, 8 April 2019

Tragics weekend at the Kools 6/7 April 2019

Although it has only been about 5 weeks since the end of Dinosaur Dreaming 2019, a small group of dreamers who were suffering from rock-breaking withdrawal (hence "tragic") met at Lesley Kool's house in Wonthaggi to get their fix of breaking some of the stockpile of rock from the recent dig.
The weather was perfect, the company was scintillating and we found more bones, including four ornithopod teeth! There is still plenty of rock to be processed so we are planning another tragics weekend around the end of August-beginning of September.

Small limb bone found by Nicole Evered

                                          Kim and Nick working hard

                                          Wendy White spotted the camera, but Mary, Wendy Turner and Mike
                                           were oblivious
                                          Ornithopod tooth finders - Wendy Turner, Nick van Klaveren
                                          and Wendy White (found 2!)

Monday, 11 March 2019

Galleonosaurus the journal article

Galleonosaurus dorisae - a newly named Flat Rocks dino

Introducing Galleonosaurus dorisae, an ornithopod named by Matt Herne (et al) from a specimen found by Gerry Kool at the Flat Rocks dig in 2008!

Here are some press articles:
Cosmos Magazine:
New York Times Post:
The Sun:
India Times Post :
Channel 9:
USA Today Post:
The Cool Press:
Live Science:
Sci News:
Tech Explorist:
Fox News:
Newsweek :
Science Daily:
USA Today:

I will post the link to the journal shortly.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Jade's vlog

In week one of the dig this year, Jade made a video record of her time as a volunteer.
Check it out on YouTube: Jade's vlog

Friday, 1 March 2019

At the house breaking remaining rock

Alan finds a fossil
Nicole (finally) finds a fossil
A fossil with a flared end
A pretty vertebra