Saturday, 19 May 2012

New paper on our amazing theropods

Dr Roger Benson from University of Cambridge (who worked with us in the Otways in March 2011) has published a paper in PLoS ONE looking at a number of theropod bones and teeth from Flat Rocks and the Otways.  He has determined that they come from a huge range of taxa.  Read all about it on Science Alert, Monash Uni, NY Daily News, Phys.Org or Sci-News.

Or for the full article on PLoS ONE.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

San Remo dino bone a ceratosaur

Dr Erich Fitzgerald from Museum Victoria has been working on an ankle bone that Mike found at San Remo in 2006.  He has now published the paper in the journal Naturwissenschaften and has revealed that it is a ceratosaur.
Check out the press converage:
Sydney Morning Herald
Herald Sun
The Age
Telegraph (UK)
Daily Mail (UK)
Gulf Times (Qatar)

And for those of you how want to tackle the full article check out

Monday, 7 May 2012

For fans of DD gadgets

John reports that he has modified our DD Boulder Relocating Apparatus:
1) vertical angles increased to reduce lift height & stress on arms
2) pivot point on single tine flipped to increase opening width and reduce lift height
3) bottom tine length reduced to move grab point forward for safer carriage
4) single tine height higher than the opposing double such that it pushes rock into the double tines for safer easier carriage