Friday, 26 March 2010

Otway dino in The Age

A story in Today's Age about the tyrannosaurid dinosaur found at Dinosaur Cove in 1989.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Link to WIN News Story

For those who missed the Gippsland WIN News story the first time around, go to and look for Win News Dinosaur Dig story (Date: 25 February 2010) in the Video Gallery.
You'll see Lesley explaining stuff to schoolkids, Norman working hard and John Swinkels rolling up his sleeves to show off for the camera!
Thanks to Ann-Marie for spotting the clip on-line.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

John maps the Flat Rocks site

John finds a pile of orange ping pong balls and uses them as markers to map our site.

I don't know how he stopped the ping pong balls from rolling away...

Monday, 8 March 2010

San Remo

Mike lead a small prospecting team to the San Remo back beach yesterday (it was meant to be a slightly larger prospecting team but the weather forecast was pretty grim). They saw out a fossil found earlier.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Week 4 "bones of the day"

Sat 20 - Astrid's tooth and Frankie's tooth (joint winners)
Sun 21 - jackpot
Mon 22 - Kim and Lesley's tooth (one tooth found jointly... long story)
Tue 23 - Large ornithopod limb (probably femur) from "the hole"
Wed 24 - Mike G's baby ornithopod femur
The 25 - Larry's lovely ornithopod jaw
Fri 26 - Norman's tiny tooth

Monday, 1 March 2010

Removing rocks we might trip over

John and Alan remove the exposed rocks near the prep table on Thursday 25th.

They claimed it was for our safety not just because it was fun!

Dinosaur Dreaming farewell 2010

Dig 17 comes to an end
and we must say farewell my friend.
One last bone query before the close
“It's FISH ” is said with wrinkled nose!

As “Good Morning Happy Diggers”
Rings out in Wendy's dulcet tones
The only answers heard each day
Were the assorted sleepy groans!

We've pumped 'n dug 'n broken stone
Just to find that elusive bone.
We've had heat and cold, rain and sun
We've shared much laughter and such fun.

4 film crews visited our Dig
Radio and print news was BIG.
Lesley the Star in all of this
With her Dig team – how could we miss!

The “blogspot” keeps us up-to-date
The whole production is First Rate.
The photos and the text are scanned
By diggers across every land.

Grateful thanks to every digger
But our special thanks are even bigger
- Wendy, Mary, John and Norman
For Bikkies, Groyne, Food and Foreman.

Dear Lesley, how can we thank you
For letting us be diggers too.
Your accolades and all the rest
Confirm to us – you are the BEST.

As we all go our separate ways
We will be counting up the days …..........
We'll meet again, dear Lesley Kool,
To work beside the Dreaming Pool.

Nicole Evered
Inverloch, 26th February 2010