Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Alanna and Wendy work on the field report

Alanna and I decided that Easter weekend would be a great opportunity to break the back of the 2011 Field Report, and retreated to the quietness of Avenel to concentrate on planning, writing and choosing images.
But first we had to pick the
vegetables ripe in the garden
Then we had to do the crossword
(The Age cryptic, of course)
Then perhaps a little bubbly...
The garden needed watering...
Lunch needed assembling...
...cutting and slicing
Time for a little more bubbly...

And then finally...
....a bit of work on the report

Perhaps some more bubbly...
Dirt needed to be shovelled...
...onto the garden bed that John and
Nick helped build last Christmas
Until the sun set and
we had to call it a day
We started early the following dawn...
... on a Road Trip...
... to Koonoomoo...
...or some such place
Stopped at....
... The Big Strawberry...
... for morning tea

And we just had to...
...stop at the Cheese Factory

And now of course, I'm updating the blog...

...and Alanna is learning how to knit
So the Field Report is in safe hands, although we well might still be laying it out he night before it gets printed and distributed!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A dino stood here...

Late last year Sean Wright and Alan Tait visited Dinosaur Cove and found a loose slab of rock with what may well be dino footprints on it.  Last month Alan retrieved them from site and carried 45kg of rock up the cliff and back to the museum!  We eagerly await news from the researchers.
Thanks to Sean for the great photo!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lisa wraps fossils


Fossils found 3 April

Cate finds a beautiful vertebra 
Cate's beautiful vertebra 

Lisa finds a tiny smudge

Cate finds a theropod tooth
Cate's theropod tooth
Roger shows Cate's tooth to Sharyn

Otways 3 April

The crew shelters...
... from the wind

Roger goes for..
... a long...
... walk...

...and gets stranded...
...on a rock

Sharyn and Cate...
put rubble in buckets

The crew smiles for the camera
The crew smiles for the camera

Fossils found 2 April

Sharyn finds a fossil
Sharyn's fossil
Rohan finds a fossil

I find a fossil
Another fossil