Sunday, 28 April 2013

Koonwarra 24 April

Mike and Pip happy to be
digging on their Anniversary
Prof Tim Flannery shows off
his fossil fish
Tim's Fish
Darren Bellingham has sent me a few photos that he took whilst visiting the Koonwarra dig on Wednesday. Enjoy!

Fish head

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today I headed down to Koonwarra with my friend Peggy to check out the dig there.  Here are some photos of the fun.  Note our beautiful Hi-Vis vests.

The digger
Mike and Peggy hard at work
The crew

The Prep Table (hay bale)

Dave works the rock face

Peggy finds a beautiful fish

Peggy's fish

We found lots of plant fossils

The crew on top of the rock face

Wendy digs up a fish

Wendy's fish

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Mary and Pip enjoying the fish fossils
A small crew has been looking for fossils near Koonwarra.  In 2009, Dr Tom Rich and colleagues had noticed that the Koonwarra sediment looked at bit like that in western Liaoning Province in China (the paper was called A potential Gondwanan polar Jehol Biota lookalike in Victoria, Australia and published in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Victoria). So the team is looking for any sign that these sediments might contain feathered dinosaurs, birds, pterosaurs and mammal skeletons.

So far they have found a number of beautiful fish fossils.