Thursday, 30 October 2008


Still no decision on the colour of the 2009 dig crew T-shirts.

New Vollies

We had a great day on Saturday talking to the applicants to be new volunteers in 2009.
I only scared two away by telling them of the Inverloch bathroom arrangements!
We've met a few that I'm really looking forward to working with...
Cheers, Wendy.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Friends' Field Report Day

Hi Team,
We had a great day on Saturday presenting the 2008 Field Report.

Gerry handed out reports and
counted attendees out the front.
Lesley kicked things off
...and really enjoyed telling us about the turtle skull!
Tom talked about mammal jaws next to a beautiful
Peter Trussler image of Bishops Whitmorei.
Dave (becoming known as a hand and foot
expert) played with the light pointer.

We also had reports from John W and Mike C, as well as a stirring rendition of "Under the Southern Cross We Stand..." from Nicole.

For more, you'll need to wait for your copy of the Field Report!