Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Too many bones in the hole

Yesterday, low tide was 16:30, so we did not get to site until 13:00.
The Bridge East Hole crew of Norman, Jacqui and AJ were kept very busy finding lots of large bones. The rest of us breaking rock were impatient to get our hands on this good rock since Monday's rock had yielded very few exciting finds. However, each time the hole crew tried to break the rock into chunks small enough to carry, more bones were seen on the exposed faces. We ended up in a rush at half past five, carrying pretty big chunks of rock with fossils on the outside up the hill to the car park.
"Bone of the Day" was awarded to a small tooth-like find by Nicole working back at the house.
Nicole celebrated in the evening with a stirring rendition of "Under the Southern Cross we stand, hammer and chisel in our hand...". We are hoping that the full poem will be available in our Field Report published in October.

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