Thursday, 29 January 2009

Almost time for Inverloch

It's almost time for our Inverloch dig. We're dusting off our steel-caps and sharpening our chisels. This year we have a couple of changes.
The owners of our Lavington St house have removed the Hills Hoist so we are asking diggers to bring their own sheets and towels and take them home for laundering.
We have a really really full house so will probably convert more of the front yard into tent space.
The role of "house manager" will be split between the always charming Mike G, the dynamic duo Jacqui and Andrew, and myself. John our excavation manager is blooding some new hole masters.
And we expect to finally have a new urn.
Can't wait!


  1. Aw man - Can't believe I am missing the dig :( Best of luck to a bumper year!

  2. Oops - posted my comment twice, such was my enthusiam...