Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More fun with plugs and feathers

We pour water into the hole...
...being drilled to flush
out the debris.
We're really thrilled
 when the cracks appear...
There's still plenty of digging to do.
And wheelbarrowing...
And supervising...


  1. glad to see that it works ok,best of luck to the team.

  2. OK, so it is tar and feathering after all. Hallo crew! It's Roger. I'm in Bristol (and Spain, and Germany) for the next month so I'm going to miss out on this year's dig, but at least I can follow the excitement on Wendy's blag. All the fun and none of the hard work!

  3. what is a blag ?
    can you use the plug and feathers on the fossil layer.

  4. The plugs and feathers are effectively breaking off chunks right through to the bottom of the fossil layer (almost a metre deep). They're working really well.