Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Inverloch times and tides

I get a few queries about likely Flat Rocks beach times so thought I'd include an overview based on tide times. Weather and other variables mean that these are subject to change at short notice.
Immediately we Dig In on 30 January, we are straight into on site at dawn for a few days.
By the time we get the week 2 crew, on 6 February, we'll be sleeping in for an 8 or 9 am start.
Then back to early mornings for the week 3 crew on 13 or 14 January. The sunrises are very beautiful at site.
Week 4 starting 20 January will see us later and later until we Dig Out on 27 February.

Most likely change-over days (where we stay at the house or spend only a couple of hours at site):
Sunday 31 January
Saturday 13 February

Thursday, 17 December 2009

More photos from the Otways

Some more photos courtesy of Paul.
Lines of rock-breakers:
Looking at the rocks:

Cleaning and sweeping with lines of buckets:

A partially prepared prize fossil (possibly a predentary from an ornithopod dinosaur):

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Otways fossil haul

All up, we transported about 75 fossils from Cape Otway
to the Museum lab, where they are labelled and put into boxes.

Here is Astrid checking to see if any seem particularly interesting:

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Otways 2009

A great time was had at the Otways last week with about 30 new participants as well as the inevitable core crew.
We camped "under the Koalas" at Bimbi Park:
Gerry puts some newbies through "rock training".

It rained a little:
It blew a lot:
We looked at rocks from a distance and discussed their merits:
We looked at rocks up close and discussed their merits:
We banged things with big hammers:
We banged things with little hammers:
Mary has a little rest after all that hammering:

We played with the new drill:
Our new chairs were very popular!
We washed rocks:
We measured rocks:
Alan drew a map of the rocks:
We found a fossil in the shore platform that we'd walked over for days. Dave had to glue some fragile edges whilst the flies did their best to distract him:

Even Sasha found a bone!