Thursday, 10 December 2009

Otways 2009

A great time was had at the Otways last week with about 30 new participants as well as the inevitable core crew.
We camped "under the Koalas" at Bimbi Park:
Gerry puts some newbies through "rock training".

It rained a little:
It blew a lot:
We looked at rocks from a distance and discussed their merits:
We looked at rocks up close and discussed their merits:
We banged things with big hammers:
We banged things with little hammers:
Mary has a little rest after all that hammering:

We played with the new drill:
Our new chairs were very popular!
We washed rocks:
We measured rocks:
Alan drew a map of the rocks:
We found a fossil in the shore platform that we'd walked over for days. Dave had to glue some fragile edges whilst the flies did their best to distract him:

Even Sasha found a bone!

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