Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Week 4 crew photo

Standing: Larry, John, Darren, Kim, John, Gerry, David, Norman, Nicole, Owen (New Scientist contest winner), Alan
Seated on rock: Wendy, Lesley, Vicki, Mary, Anouska, Melissa (New Scientist contest winner)
Seated on sand: Mike, Kathryn, Wendy, a bucket.
Absent: Mike, Pip, Alan.
Yes, we have two Alans, two Johns, two Mikes and two Wendys. It gets a little confusing.

1 comment:

  1. Nice photograph of the group.

    Did anyone unearth anything mammaliaform in 2010; like Teinolophos jaws?

    There are heaps of backlogged rocks to be scoured and carefully extracted, numbered and identified. I am looking forward to the proposed new preparator arriving to help the research.