Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mike and Pip get married.

The bride wore a floaty dress, the groom wore a kilt.

The weather was a bit dodgy-looking but held up.

Fotini in a special outfit for the "Everybody dance like a Dinosaur" conga line at the reception.

And a few extra images for those who need to check out cars and bridesmaids dresses.

Thanks to Danielle for the great photos.


  1. Wonderfull photos.

    Thanks Danielle and wendy

  2. Congratulations Mike and Pip! I would love to see you in June when I join Tony Martin, my husband, who is coming to scour the coast of Victoria to look for trace fossils!

    You can follow his journey at the blog:


    He has also written poetry about paleontology at


    Happy Dinosaur Dreaming!

  3. Thanks Ruth; I would have loved to spend some time exploring with you guys but we have headed overseas to meet Pips friends & family. We're now in Scotland, and hearing favourable reports about dinosaur footprints on the Isle of Skye. The local word is that there's a lot more dinosaur material to be found in the more remote areas of Skye, which we hope to get an opportunity to check out.
    - Mike Cleeland