Thursday, 19 August 2010

Likely dig dates

The core crew met again at Tooradin this week with Dr Tom Rich.  Tom had exciting news about something Alanna found at the Otways in late 2009.  He's promised to talk about it in the Field Report, so I won't spoil the surprise.

Saturday 23 October will be the Field Report Presentation - at the Museum so that Dave doesn't have to transport the precious fossils far to show them to us.  Friends of Dinosaur Dreaming will get their invitations soon (remember you can join at

I've got some provisional dates for our loyal crew:
Early December or Late November -  9 days in the Otways (Friday night to Sunday night).  I'll update you again once we've confirmed accommodation availability.
Saturday 5th February to Saturday 26 February - 3 weeks working Flat Rocks and living at Cape Patterson (yes we've found a house that will work for us!)
Late March - another 9 days at the Otways (Friday night to Sunday night).

Which means Friends' day at Flat Rocks will probably be the 13 February.

As mentioned here before, we do not intend to use any new crew on these digs.  We will not be collecting names or conducting interviews.  Each of our experienced crew will be contacted by the organising committee (Dave or Lesley) in the next few weeks and asked to give a fairly firm indication of which of the 5 proposed weeks they can support us for.  Then we will lock in the dates.

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