Sunday, 19 September 2010

Geology Field Trip

Yesterday, we used the Monash University First Year Geology Field Trip as a good excuse to check out "Swim O'clock Rock", which we might remove in 2011 (unfortunately, John, our excavation manager, was not at site so we'll need to show him this rock later).  There were 8 existing rock saw extraction holes, and we found another 6 surface bones.
Dave, Lesley and Stephen confer before more scrutiny of the bones on the surface.
There were about 150 students on the beach, and several instructors in hi-vis vests;.
We circled the bones in yellow crayon and extracted a couple of them.  The rest we left in situ for today's field trip (another 100 students!).
One of the students brought along "Fluffy, destroyer of worlds until evolution destroyed him".  They pose with Dave.

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