Monday, 13 December 2010

Otways 7 Dec

Tom measuring
Tom and the block
 Dr Tom Rich hard at work on a remote Otway beach measuring a block found by Dr Tony Martin on his Great Cretaceous Walk earlier this year. Can't say too much about what's on the block until Tony writes it all up scientifically, and Dave and his team work out how to get it back to the museum in one piece (anyone have a helicopter that they want to lend us?). However, Tony is an ichnologist, so that should give regular readers some clues!

Sheep Dip!

Yesterday Mike and Pip launched their new book Sheep Dip and Other Bush Verses on Phillip Island.  Mike read some of the verses, a flying sheep ("mutton bird") was ceremonally dipped into a wading pool and Mike's sister (she's the one in the background of Pip's photo dressed as a sheep in boxer shorts) tried to teach us a bunny/lamb hop.  Email Mike at if you would like a copy.  Your lucky friends could get three great books from you this Christmas - Dinosaur Dreaming, The Artist and the Scientists, and Sheep Dip!
Mike (dressing as he did in
 his pre-Pip days!)
signs copies of the book
Pip dressed as a peacock,
a character in one of the poems

Detail of Pip's costume

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mike & Pip spread out in the Otways

More stuff on the outside of the
tent than could possibly fit in it?
On the fence, over the tent, everywhere!

Otway Trip Day 4

Dave the fossil legend

The museum 4WD and passengers

The limb bone

Alan draws layers
Dave and Tom discuss the limb bone

The limb bone with 5c piece

Dave photographs the limb bone
with Tom's finger for scale

Otway Trip Day 3 - Mike's team

Mike, Pip and the shore platform
A crack in the shore platform
Mike and Rohan

Otway Trip Day 3 - Tim's team

The top of the track
Pointing to rocks
Les looks
Les looks closer
Tim looks
Tim looks closer

Tim, Gabi and the shore platform
The path out (and yes, it was at
the top of some rather large rocks!)
Some of the rocks were a bit unusual
Les looks
Les looks some more

Otway Trip Day 2 - Mike's Team

Tom, Pat and the shore platform
Pretty strata

Alan points out the layers
The coastline is beautiful
Les and the shore platform
Tom contemplates the terrain
Tom, Pat and the shore platform
Gabi and the shore platform

Otway trip Day 2 - Dave's Team

Sean and Tim synchronising GPSs
Dean was not going to get lost!
Dave clowns around
while Tim works
First fossil!
Second fossil!
Dave and Tim confer
Mary looks
Third fossil!
Tim on a rock
Mary looks at Dean who looks at rock
Mary and Tim
Mary in her stunning
rock-hopping gear
Tall rock
Mary mountain goat
Wendy crosses the narrow bit
Tim checks the cliff
Tim checking the cliff
Mary and John on the narrow bit
Two hands
Crossing the divide
John hugs the cliff
Close up of rock
The view
Climbing down
Crossing pretty rocks
Oh, John
Crew at the end of the walk