Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ABC Gippsland

Click on Radio story to listen to a great article from ABC Gippsland.  Note that John Swinkels has continued his run as the dig media darling!


  1. My 8 yr old son is who is educating me in dinosaurs and has been since he could talk. We are heading down to visit the site this Saturday 19th and Sunday and hoping to have the opportunity to speak with some volunteers as my son is in complete admiration of the work and enjoying watching your site being updated with the progress you guys are making. Keep up the ACE work! Kylie and Jeremy

  2. Hi Kylie,
    The tides may be against us this weekend. With Saturday's low tide at 6:43 am and Sunday's at 7:45 am, we may not actually be on the beach working very much. At this point, most likely is not at all on Saturday, and only 7:00am (ish) until about 11:00 am or so on Sunday (especially if the prediction of rain on Saturday comes about).
    So you'll need to time your visit carefully!
    - Regards, Wendy.

  3. hi erndy ive actually been aiming to get down this weekend for bout 3 yrs. we have accomadation close by and we are looking at the sinddday visit and hoping to get to say hello. we have been aiming for sunday morning so it all suits us for visit bout 9:30aam rail hail or shine my son had been studying dinsssaurs sine ce he was baout 3 and bar from winto visit one day flat rocks is the only visit we havet been too and so excited and lookingit to it. My son and I think you have an amazing job and he is more exciyed on anything he gets to gain further informaation this wekend.
    Thank you and hooping to catch up sunday.
    Great work on your site!!