Monday, 28 March 2011

Otways 26 March

Mary finds a comfortable
rock-breaking position
Peggy identifies the visiting wren
Never trust a grinning Dave
Peggy looks stylish in the cold
Mary and Dave confer
Mary inspects a fossil
The crew working
The crew still working
Dean grins
Dean wants a fossil THIS BIG
The crew working again
Alan and Erich compare notes
Travis carries rock
Alan maps the layers
Alanna inspects the handle of the new sledgehammer
Peggy checks her bag for goodies
Alan splits a rock
Dean swings a sledgy
Dean breaks off a promising piece of rock
Travis breaks a rock
Dean places a chisel
Mary breaks rock
Alanna and Travis enjoy some lunch
Alan holds a rock
Alanna and Travis enjoy the view
Travis checks out the waves
Alan and Alanna head down the beach

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