Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Lesley reports that mice broke into her shed and ate all of the stored Inverloch supplies.  They especially liked the toilet paper.  Apparently, they ate all of the tinfoil off some leftover chocolate eggs, but left the chocolate behind.  Which does beg the question - how on earth did we manage to have leftover chocolate at the end of a dig?

Likely dig dates

We have discussed some likely dig dates for the 2011/12 Field Season.
  1. Field Report day in mid October (maybe the 16th)
  2. Training day at Flat Rocks early November (maybe the 6th)
  3. Flat Rocks dig 3 weeks in February (maybe starting the 11th since that gives us the best tides)
  4. Eric the Crayfish dig 10 days in late March (maybe the 24th but we'll need to check with Bimbi)
Regular volunteers and Friends of Dinosaur Dreaming should hear from us shortly.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The old way to map the site

As part of his project, Dean has us reconstruct the old way of taking position readings at site.  Here are the photos.

Mary uses a direction disc
Mary adjusts the disc
Dean holds a height stick
Mary measures

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flat Rocks mapping weekend - Day 2

Sunday involved more digging as Dean maps the outline of the old "main" hole, the position of Gerry's Rock, and the Footprint.

Mapping the site
Dean uses the total station
Alanna digs
Gerry on his rock
Stuart stands on a rock
Dean takes a reading
Dean confers with Lesley
Dean takes another reading
The crew

Flat Rocks mapping weekend - Day 1

Dean was able to borrow some surveying equipment from the TAFE, so we took the opportunity to help him and his friend Stuart produce a detailed map of the Flat Rocks site.

Morning light
Taking measures
Taking more measures
Morning tea
Dean and the total station
Dean taking measures
The site
Dean at site
A lovely day
Lisa watches
Alanna, Sarah and Stuart

Fossils found at Flat Rocks 22 May 2011

Dave finds a turtle element

And saws it out...
...creating a little...
.... dust
Dave and Sarah find....
... a limb bone
Mary finds what we think may be...
 ...part of a turtle pelvis

Alanna and Gerry
find the forgotten birthday cake
A nice doggy finds
our excavation a good place to swim
Wendy finds...
... a fossil

And then Gerry...

So I have to find one more...
...(even if it smashed a little)

Fossils found at Flat Rocks 21 May 2011

A tiny fossil to start the day
Lisa finds a spongy cross section
Dave finds a tiny shaft and a lamb-chop shaped cross section