Monday, 26 August 2013

Dates for the 2014 Field Season

We've locked in some dates for the 2014 Field Season:
Rookies' briefing at Melbourne Museum on Saturday 12 October
Rookie's training day on Sunday 10 November.
Eric the Red West from 1 - 22 February.
We'll run a Friends' Day at Flat rocks after the ETRW dig - more details later.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Remember the ornithopod jaws that Mary and Sharyn found at Eric the Red West this year?  Dave has let slip that these are actually maxillae (that is, upper teeth rows not lower).  As Dr Tom Rich keeps telling us, because they are a weaker bone, maxillae are a lot rarer than mandibles (lower jaws) - in fact, it is not unusual to find 20 mandibles preserved for every maxilla.  So once again, our Eric the Red West site has yielded the unexpected.

Friday, 16 August 2013

2014 Field Season speculations

I popped into the Museum yesterday to pick up some old photos that might be fun to put in the 2013 Field Report. Whilst I was there, I had a cup of tea with Dave and Lesley and some of the other DD crew. We still have not locked in dates for the 2014 Field Season.
Most likely outcome - we will run a Rookies' training day at Flat Rocks in November or so, a 2 or 3 week dig at Eric the Red West in February, and Friend's Day at Flat Rocks in March. Eric the Red West is not accessible enough for it to be a good Friend's day venue, and just a little too far away for it to be a good Rookies' day site.
There are two things that are really preventing us from locking things in: Museum Victoria is planning to relate the Vertebrate Palaeontology collection from under the Royal Exhibition Building to within the Melbourne Museum building (Dave would need to oversee that rather than run a dig), and funding could still magically appear for the Koonwarra dig by 2014 (which could be an eight week dig and cancel other plans).
So watch this space - I'll post dates as soon as I can.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Dinosaur stamps

I managed to get a sneak peek at the "Prestige booklet" that Dr Tom Rich has been working on for the Australia Post dinosaur stamps due out later this year. It looks awesome! Diggers and regular readers of this blog may even recognise a few of the people in it. Sorry this post is somewhat of a teaser - I'll link to the Aussie Post website as soon as they publish images.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pulling out Sea Spurge at Crayfish Bay

Friends of Otway National Park at work
Pip waving at the camera while pulling out Sea Spurge at Crayfish Bay (next beach along from the Eric the Red West dinosaur site) this morning, on a working bee with Mike and Cate Cousland and the Friends of Otway National Park.