Thursday, 28 February 2013

Final Flat Rocks fossil count

At final count, we recorded 497 fossils in the 2013 Flat Rocks field catalogue.
This does not include all of the "shoulder bones" (bones that we could determine were too incomplete to be of scientific interest)  that we discarded at site or at the house.
It does include a few fossils we labelled "microscope check" on site that Dave or Lesley subsequently prepared more and then discarded.
Most of these fossils will go back to the Melbourne Museum where Dave Pickering will oversee their removal from the rock during the year.
A few turtle specimans have gone home to Lesley's house to be prepared there.  Lesley is working on describing our turtle (with some other scientists) and is keen to see as much material as she can before committing her conclusions to paper.

A big thanks to our volunteers, Friends and sponsors for making this all possible.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Travis Park, dig volunteer and Paleo PhD candidate, has started a blog talking about Australian fossils and other things.  His latest entry describes the week he spent with us at Flat Rocks.  Check it out!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Week 3 Bones of the Day

Sun 17 Feb: Lesley's ornithopod tooth
Mon 18 Feb: The metatarsal from the hole crew - Travis Lisa and Bill
Tue 19 Feb: Kat's ornithopod tooth
Wed 20 Feb: Jackpot - no prize awarded
Thu 21 Feb: Norman's pretty vertebra
Fri 22 Feb: tba

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mary's grandson

Big yawn
As promised, photos of Mary Walter's new baby grandson Aden.


I took a few short videos on February 3rd when we had the jackhammer down on site. It was the second day of the dig and we were still figuring out exactly how we were going to attack this year's target fossil layers.

Andrew jackhammers:

Nick jackhammers:

Nick jackhammers:
Eve is happy when Andrew uses a crowbar:
I thought it would be a cool idea to follow a bucket of water through a bucket line.  Watch for Corrie switching sides and Fotini reaching for an imaginary bucket and giggling.  We got a little better at this as the week wore on:

WIN News 22 Feb

For those unlucky enough not to get the Gippsland edition of WIN News - here's their story featuring a number of your favourite people looking for dinosaurs.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 20 - last day at site

Darren with his fossil
The hole crew at work
A bone found in the hole
Norman's pretty vertebra

Day 19 - still pretty cold

Eve and her fossil
A pretty vertebra

Week 3 Crew

Lisa James Alan Darren Eve Gerry Peggy Alanna Travis Wendy Dean Dave
John Norman Nicole Jodi Lesley Hannah Alan Kat Mary Bill Asti Rohan Nick

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 18 - Cooler and damper

We decided to build a fake Gerry
We started to add props
Alanna adds the finishing touches
A nice vertebra

John poses with his fossil
John sinking into the shore platform
Wendy and her fossil limb
Wendy's limb
Kat finds a tooth
Jodi's lungfish tooth
Jodi and her lungfish tooth

Korumburra Primary School visit

Excited students watching the hole
Mike explains the site

Lisa talking to students

Dean with the ornithopod puppet

Lisa answers a question

Dean with a theropod skull

Mike talks to the students

A Koolasuchus diagram

Rohan checks a fossil find

Dean with the ornithopod puppet

Rohan checks another fossil

Leongatha Star

Today our dinosaur dig features in the Leongatha Star:  Here's a copy of page 18 that Brad (the editor) was kind enough to send me.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 17 - Hot hot hot

James with his fossil
Jarvis with her little vertebra
Jarvis' vertebra

Mary with her vertebra

Mary's vertebra

An unusual shape

Lisa, Travis and Bill with their metatarsal

The hole team's metatarsal

The crew takes lunch in the dreaming pool
Dave explaining his idea of
safety glasses with windscreen wipers

Friends' Day Bone of the Day

Finally Lesley Kool was able to award herself bone of the day for a beautiful ornithopod tooth found on Friends' Day.  Here she is posing with her husband Gerry.

Gerry and Lesley
Gerry and Lesley

Good find

Kate and her Mum came all the way from East Bowral, NSW to visit our dig.  Whilst prospecting with Mike, Kate found a shapely surface bone and agreed to pose with it.  Kate is a Year 8 student who wants to be a palaeontologist.  If she keeps finding fossils this quickly she seems well on her way.

Kate's fossil

Old Friends come to visit

Ann-Marie decks her kids out in dino T-shirts
Baby Ella with a Baryonyx claw
Gavin and Catherine bring their dig baby to site

Day 16 - Friends' Day

Sunday 17th Feb was Friend's Day.  71 supporters of Dinosaur Dreaming visited the site and watched us dig and jackhammer.

Alan and Nicole greet visitors
at the top of the stairs
Kat wields the jackhammer
The team looks at the layers in the hole
Eve takes Friends on a tour
Nick wields the jackhammer
Friends look at the dinosaur footprint
Friends watch the hole crews at work
Lisa shows off some of our fossils
Mike takes some Friends prospecting
Kat wields the jackhammer
Dave examines a fossil
Getting close to the rock face
Tamara wields the jackhammer