Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pictures from Sue

The day was not as rainy as we first thought

Because of the inclement weather, today we decided to break rock at the house. We found what we believe to be the first mammal jaw from this site in 3 years! John Wilkins made the actual find, but some controversy exists because the bone was immediately behind a blue circle which we think Mary made.  We await with some excitement a preliminary identification once Dave gets it back to the museum.

Wendy's great butterfly hat
Lesley and Dave discussing mammal jaws
A sauropod gazes over the ocean

Monday, 27 February 2012


It's beginning to look like we will break no rock at all today...

When diggers can't dig...

The artistic types get busy
We entertain guests with a cup of tea
The mechanical types refurbish the pumps
The crew tries to understand the cooking roster
The tenters try to get everything dry

Week 2 Bones of the day

Saturday 18th - Kat's lovely thing
Sunday 19th - Jocelyn's verty cross section
Monday 20th - Lesley's lovely ornithopod tooth
Tuesday 21st - John W's theropod tooth
Wednesday 22nd - John S's theropod tooth
Thursday 23rd - Mike C's small ornithopod tooth from rock collected in 1995
Friday 24th - Jocelyn's lovely ischium

Sunday, 26 February 2012

After work

Pip enjoys two drinks whilst Rohan and Mary tackle the crossword
Thanks to Mike Cleeland for the image

Fashion twins

Nicole and Gavin
Peggy and Mary
Sarah's cool hat pockets

Friends' Day

Beautiful weather
More beautiful weather

My parents came to visit

Wrapping fossils

Today over 70 Friends of Dinosaur Dreaming came to visit us on our annual Friends' day.  We ran a couple of geology tours (thanks Rohan and Roger), a talk about "Noddy" an articulated partial dinosaur skeleton (thanks Dave) and a table full of fossil specimens (a special big thanks to Lisa who worked there all day).

Fossil finds

Wendy T is excited by her find

Wendy T's fossil

Gerry finds another one

Gerry's vertebra
Turtle humerus from hole

Wendy W's fan shapedbone

Limb bone from hole
Lesley and Mary stabalise the limb bone
End of limb bone
Middle of limb bone

Bone found in shore platform
Catherine's first bone

Catherine's first bone

Nalani seems happy that Doris has found something good

Doris finds a skully frag

Our favourite dig dog

Mary making Oscar happy

Another spontaneous overnight sculpture

Left  view
Right view
Mixed media: Jenga tiles, ballons, dino puppet, sunglasses.
Artist: unknown

25 Feb Fossil finds

John with his find
John's find
A limb bone from the hole
A big turtly bone
Another limb bone
A dark curly bone

Friday, 24 February 2012

Fossil finds

Big limb bone from the hole
The limb bone fell out of the rock!

Jacquie Smith shows off her bone
Jacquie's complete bone
Curly bone
Jacqui Sanders' find
Jacqui Sanders finds another one
Jacqui's find
Mary finds a limb
Mary's limb
Jacquie Smith finds another fossil
Jacquie's find

Jocelyn's possible ischium

Jocelyn with her precious find