Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Today the tide kept us off the beach until 2:00 pm.  Just as we arrived at site at 2:14, it started raining.  Gerry was rather happy about this, since he had bet some of the crew that it would shower by 2:30, and hence earned himself a bottle of red.  So we scrambled down to the beach, retrieved the rock we'd hidden to work on down there, and brought it back to the house.  Soon after that, it stopped raining, so we broke rock for the rest of the day.  Didn't find a huge number of bones and teeth, though.
Tomorrow is a full day at the house, and then we start early mornings on Thursday.
Last night a few of the diggers decided to check out the local pub after dinner.  However, when it's not school holidays, the local pub shuts very very early on weekdays.  A walk on the beach was a bit of a consolation.

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  1. I'll be joining you folks this weekend! Looking forward to it.