Saturday, 18 February 2012

Week 1

Week 1 of the dig is now over.
So far we have catalogued 98 bones including a jaw and some teeth, done a dozen newspaper quizzes, cooked 7 superb dinners, written some pretty bad poetry, had a bonfire in a wheelbarrow, played some cards and drank just a little red wine.

A big thanks to our Week 1 crew:
Lesley Kool
Gerry Kool
Mary Walters (shopper extraordinaire)
Corrie Williams (never once forgot the morning tea)
Mike and Pip Cleeland (and their bread-and-butter pudding)
Dean Wright (and his total station)
Darren Hastie (and his friend Fil)
Marion Anderson (Safety Officer)
Norman Gardiner (how could we have a dig without Norman Bikkies?)
Lisa Nink (who keeps doing the washing-up)
Alan Tait (will somebody take the sledge hammer off this man!)
Jacqui Tumney
Andrew Stocker (Palorchestes carbonara)
Travis Park
John Wilkins
Dale Nelson (Mahna Mahnam!)
Andrew Giles
Eve Eidelson
(and me of course)

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