Thursday, 28 February 2013

Final Flat Rocks fossil count

At final count, we recorded 497 fossils in the 2013 Flat Rocks field catalogue.
This does not include all of the "shoulder bones" (bones that we could determine were too incomplete to be of scientific interest)  that we discarded at site or at the house.
It does include a few fossils we labelled "microscope check" on site that Dave or Lesley subsequently prepared more and then discarded.
Most of these fossils will go back to the Melbourne Museum where Dave Pickering will oversee their removal from the rock during the year.
A few turtle specimans have gone home to Lesley's house to be prepared there.  Lesley is working on describing our turtle (with some other scientists) and is keen to see as much material as she can before committing her conclusions to paper.

A big thanks to our volunteers, Friends and sponsors for making this all possible.

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