Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day at the dig

Valentine's Day started with a bang - literally. Thunderstorms and lightning at 5.30am.
It seemed to have blown over by 6.45am so we headed down to the site.
2 hours of digging sand and bailing water to uncover the fossil layer.

John Swinkels removes the last of the sand from the excavation site

Andrew and Jacqui start looking for the bones
 ....and then....
The thunder and lightning returned so we packed up and went back to the house.
Finally the weather cleared and we were able to continue breaking rock in the back garden of our rented dig house.
 John Wilkins brought out his "Who am I?" games which kept everyone amused while they were finding the elusive fossils.

Kim Davis made a lovely Elle McPherson.

Lauren Swann was Marilyn Monroe AND found a bone

Joe Burgess found a small dinosaur limb bone

 "Bones(s) of the Day" was jointly awarded to Gerry Kool for his dinosaur vertebra...

 Also too Lisa Nink for her dinosaur vertebra...

 and finally to Nick van Klaveren for his dinosaur vertebra

So Valentine's Day turned out to be a pretty good day, despite the damp start.
Congratulations to all the bone finders today.

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