Sunday, 24 March 2013

Otways fossil counts

We've had a bumper year at the Otways.  Here's the fossil counts (including plant fossils):
Saturday 16th: 0 fossils (horizontal rain chased us off the beach early).
Sunday 17th: 12 fossils.
Monday 18th: 14 fossils.
Tuesday 19th: 26 fossils.
Wednesday 20th: 21 fossils.
Thursday 21st: 23 fossils.
Friday 22nd: 31 fossils.
Saturday 23rd: 14 fossils.

This gives us a grand total of 141 catalogue items for the dig, almost twice as many as 2012.  Of course, it's not all about the numbers (we'd rather one spectacular fossil than a dozen undiagnostic scraps).  But there are a lot of great specimens in that count, so it's pretty exciting.

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