Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yesterday at the Australian Synchrotron

The team
A group of happy Dinosaur Dreamers met at the Australian Synchrotron yesterday to celebrate the release of "Australia's Age of Dinosaurs" - the latest issue of Australia Post stamps. One of the highlights (besides the stamps themselves, of course), was a short video made by Joe Burgess and starring David Pickering that showed the time-lapse preparation of Noddy (the articulated ornithopod dinosaur). And Noddy itself was on display, carefully chauffeured from the museum in the back of Dave's car. Thanks to Nicole for the photo.


  1. Hi,

    I am a dinosaur enthusiast and have been aware of Noddy for some time, and I find it interesting that you mention the time lapse of the fossil being presented at the Australian Synchrotron. Just wondering, is the fossil still on display there, and is there anywhere that video can be seen? I understand if this was all exclusive, but since I have been interested in this dinosaur for quite some time (I remember Tom and Pat Vickers-Rich bringing it up when they were down at the Otways near Dinosaur Cove, and they mentioned some very intriguing features), I would appreciate it if there is any information I can get from anywhere, or even just any info on when it could become available if it isn't. If you want to reply, just do so on this page and I will check it when I can (no need to rush it or anything).


    1. Hi Benjamin,

      The fossil we call Noddy was only at the Synchrotron for a very short while and is safely back in the Museum Victoria collection where Dr Rich and his colleagues are studying it. The time-lapse film was made at Museum Victoria for National Geographic. I don't know National Geographic has included it in any of their programs yet.

      You should check with Tom (you can contact him via Melbourne Museum) for more details.

      Dino Dreaming Blog editor.