Wednesday, 9 October 2013

2013 Field Report back cover

Back cover
Here's the back cover of the 2013 Dinosaur Dreaming Field Report.  It features the covers of 20 years of Field Reports all the way back to 1993/4.  Field Reports up to 2008 are online at Monash University.
A number of artists have generously allowed us to use their work on our covers including Peter Trusler and Brian Choo.
The first Field Report was 14 pages long and covered a long dig at Dinosaur Cove as well as the first dig at Flat Rocks.
Our new report is 72 pages in full colour and features 25 individual contributors.
In 2009 Alanna created a new template that has allowed us volunteers to do a professional-looking layout ourselves.
Crew and Friends (not a Friend, join here) can pick up their copy of the 2013 Field Report at the Report Day at Melbourne Museum on 12 October, or will receive one in the post in the coming weeks.

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