Sunday, 23 February 2014

The tooth that James found

James' tooth
The very first day of the dig we found two teeth, which led me to speculate (hope?) that we might have a very toothy haul.  However, we didn't keep finding crazy numbers of teeth this dig (at least not that were identified on site, and not as a fraction of how many bones we found).  The only other confirmed tooth in Week 1 was found on Wednesday by James Rule.  His pretty ornithopod tooth has a lovely long root but is not particularly shiny.  Sometimes (I'm told), shed teeth are not shiny (the enamel wears off) but teeth with roots are more likely to have been in the mouth of an animal when it died.  So a nice little puzzle.
(Thanks to Wonthaggi Optometrist Dennis O'Donnell for the microscope camera that I used to take this photo.)

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