Sunday, 23 March 2014

Friends' Day Crew

Back Row: John Sharyn Miklos Bronnie Asti
Standing: Mike Alan Wendy Dave Lesley Gerry Wendy Mary Eve Pip Joerg Kim Monique Amber
Sitting/Kneeling: John Alan Nalani Doris Lisa Fotini Nicole

Big thanks to all the crew on Friends' Day especially those who took time out from breaking rock:
Mike for the Fossil Rambles
Fotini for the Geology Tours
Peggy for fossil spotting lessons
Pip for Design A Dino
Lesley for showing off our fossil finds
Nicole and Alan for greeting at the top of the stairs

Special thanks to our sign-makers: Bronnie, 2 Wendys, Joerg, Nova, Hannah, Monique and Amber

And finally thanks to head chef Eve and dessert chef Amber, Lesley and Gerry for shopping, Dave for the Saturday night fossil show, and all who pitched in to get the house cleaned and vacated on time.

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