Monday, 10 March 2014

Friends' Day Weekend

Things are starting to really come together for our Friends' Day weekend.
We expect a small number of volunteers wearing hat hats to remove rock from the base of the cliff, breaking only those that cannot be carried.  The remaining crew will then process them as usual, and any rock remaining at the end of Sunday will be returned to Lesley's shed to await future processing.  I'm expecting about 15 volunteers to work Saturday, and about 20 on Sunday.  Of course, on Sunday we will also have our Friends visit, so a few of our volunteers will peel off to make sure that visiting Friends are safe and informed.  Lesley has met with Parks Victoria (since Flat Rocks is part of the Bunurong Coastal Reserve), and talked to them about our plans.
All that's left is to hope for some sunshine...
Friends' Day is Sunday, 23rd March.

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