Sunday, 22 March 2015

The thing that Tim found...

Crew attending week 3 will know that Tim found something quite interesting on the last day at site (Friday 20th March).  He walked the stable half  (mainly imprint since the other half splintered) around to show the diggers.  It was way too big for one of our mammal jaws so I labelled it "possible ornithopod maxilla" in order not to get anyone's hopes up (but I did put it in the priority box for Dave to look at as soon as possible, and took photos to show Tom and Lesley in the meantime!).  I am now hearing reports from the lab that it is every bit as exciting as we hoped.  Possibly so exciting, in fact, that I'm not a liberty to give away too much.  It will get micro-scanned soon, and hopefully give up some more of its secrets.

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