Thursday, 16 February 2017

Wed 15th - interesting visitors

Today some researchers from Deakin University came to visit us - they are looking at how to make a Virtual Reality education experience in a real-world environment and are going to use our site and our dinosaurs in that.  There are all sorts of challenges like waves (noisy and moving), wind, sun and cloud cover, shadows and jackhammers so we are keen to see what they can make of all the data they collected.

Today was the first day we found confirmed teeth - Mary found a lovely ornithopod tooth, Allen S found a cute little plesiosaur tooth, and Steve found a tooth that will have to wait until Lesley gets here to be identified.  I think that Alan T might have found a theropod tooth under the weeds but pretty much no-one agrees with me so we will need to wait for that outcome as well.

And the weather god smiled on us once again and we did very little digging!
Allen S finds a fossil
Mary finds a fossil
Chris finds a fossil
Steve gets interviewed by the ABC
Mel finds a fossil
Mike finds a fossil
John S finds a fossil

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