Thursday, 31 October 2019

Field Report Day

The 2019 Field Report presentation is a good chance to catch up with the Dinosaur Dreaming crew and hear about the latest Victorian Cretaceous discoveries and research.
Where: Melbourne Museum, Road to Zero Seminar Room
When: 1:30 pm Saturday November 30
For those who participated in the 2019 Field Season, or who are Friends of Dinosaur Dreaming, you will receive your very own copy of the Field Report to take home. (Anyone not a financial member of our Friends or whose membership has lapsed can join at the door.)


  1. Just a question I realised I hadn't asked - is this presentation only intended for current/intending members, or for the general public?

    1. Hi Jon - mainly for current intending members, but we have never turned anyone away yet (and memebership is only $22 a year so not a huge stretch for most people).