Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Winton sauropod trackway opening

 A few Dino Dreamers headed up to Australian Age of Dinosaurs last weekend to celebrate the grand opening of The March of the Titanosaurs.

Waiting for the day to begin was difficult - we could see the trackway building and some giant sauropods tantalisingly out of reach...

Selfie by Amber

After a few words from David Elliot and some government supporters, we headed off to see the trackway. 

We stopped to check out the little dinosaur sculptures on the way in.

And then there were the trackways. Wow.

Selfie by Amber
We had to pause and check out that view.

Nighttime brought some different views

Disco dinosaurs

The next morning, AAOD was kind enough to let us sneak back in to visit the sauropods.
Selfie by Amber

Lisa peeking out

Sauropods imprinting on Steve


We had another look at the little dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are huggable

Lisa making friends with the ankylosaur

And one last peek at those trackways!
Photo by Lisa

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