Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Jackhammers, better rock and lots of water

Today I think that we arrived on the beach just a little early...  The tide was still in, and our one pump currently working was difficult to start. We took the opportunity to remove the overburden with a jackhammer. But we found so many bones that there was mad scrambling wrapping after pack-up time. We're all feeling much more useful and competent now.

Rohan and Mike cleaning the rock rock off.
We seem to spend lots and lots of time washing rocks...
Rohan and Norman discuss mechanical things.
Mike gives Sue jackhammer lessons
Norman and Rohan start work
on the part of the fossil layer
not under water...
The rest of us spend some time breaking
the sandstone just in case it there's
a really good fossil in it:
Lesley drew a picture of her Koolasuchus
for the visiting college group

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  1. We've now found 3 mammal jaws all whilst I was holemaster. Coincidence? I think not...