Thursday, 16 February 2012

A cooler day

Last night was hot, so a few of the crew from the Cape Paterson house headed off down the beach to sit in the breeze and look at the stars.  Corrie had a blue-light torch, so we had a lot of fun pretending to look for scorpions (we didn't find any) and checking out which fish glowed in the dark.
Today was cooler (only one swim o'clock and only two diggers took advantage of it).  We thought that we might be hit by some weather around lunch time, but that held off.  In order to facilitate a quick getaway if necessary, we only removed rock from up the beach (Prep Rock) instead of pumping out our main hole.  We were visited by some Year 7s from St Bedes, who learnt about the geology and looked through the erratics for dino bones.

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